Creative Writing Coaching for

Enthusiastic Young Writers &

Those Who Support Them

Are you a young writer who wants to explore creative writing more deeply? Do you have a young creative writer in your life who is enthusiastic about storytelling, but you don't know how to begin supporting them? Or are you uncertain how to effectively help your young writer improve their draft creation, editing, critiquing, or exploration of new forms? Wordplay Wisdom has your back!

Our personalized writing coaching is designed to help support both you and your young writer, with one-on-one coaching options as well as opportunities for team meetings with both you and your young writer.

We firmly believe that every child who loves to write deserves creative support and encouragement to continue developing their confidence and their voice. Our tailored and compassionate writing coaching provides exactly that!

What We Do

We support young writers who are thrilled to tell stories!

Our specialties range from traditional pieces including short stories, fan fiction, novels, creative nonfiction, scripts, and screenplays to experimental creative work to poetry of all forms. We're not afraid to mix genres and mediums - you shouldn't be either!

We would also love to help your young writer explore any genre or mix of genres as well!

We also provide support for those who want to help an enthusiastic young writer in their life but who aren't sure how to do so effectively.

What We Don't Do

We do not work with school essays, college essays, or reluctant writers.

For reluctant writers, Brave Writer is fantastic.

For students stuck on college essays, The College Essay Guy has great resources.

Our Goals

Through our coaching, your young writer can expect to:

➼ Strengthen their characterization, dialogue, plotting, and action.

➼ Dive deeper into the art of storytelling.

➼ Explore new forms of writing and expand their range.

Revise and polish the writing they care about most.

➼ Build confidence in themselves and their work as a writer and an artist.

➼ Have a ton of fun!

Our Coaching Options

1:1 Coaching for Young Writers

Is your young writer eager to learn far more about creative writing than they are able to gain in school?

Madelyn Dietz and Stephanie Surles are excited to provide compassionate critique and guidance in growing as a writer and an artist!

1:1 Coaching for Caring Adults

As a parent, guardian, or loved one of a young writer, you’re likely wondering how to best support the creative in your life.

Stephanie Surles and Madelyn Dietz are ready to guide you in embracing your young writer’s creativity and providing thoughtful critique!

Family Coaching for Writer and Adult

Do you and your young writer want to partner in talking with a coach to discuss your goals as a team?

Meet with either Stephanie Surles and Madelyn Dietz for a family writing coaching session!

Not sure what you’re looking for? Feel free to reach out to us to talk about customized options! We design our programs with our students, regardless of which option is selected.

Pricing and Scheduling

Our sessions are sixty-minute blocks starting on the hour. We charge $90 for

individual sessions and $145 for group sessions.

Writing is personal so we always begin our work with a $30 thiry-minute intake meeting. This allows us time to discuss your goals, analyze the best way to achieve them, and make sure this feels like a good fit for your needs.

Our Coaches


Stephanie Surles:

A dedicated homeschooling parent and writer who strongly believes in connecting young writers and their caretakers!

A published writer and a finalist in the Writers League of Texas Manuscript Contest - and an astounding editor to boot!

Currently writing a middle grade novel to enrich people’s love of libraries and stories even more.


Madelyn Dietz:

A young writer passionate about supporting other young writers!

The first homeschooled National Student Poet and a U.S. Presidential Scholar of the Arts in Prose - a lover of all writing mediums!

Currently studying English at Princeton University to gain a deeper sense of literature and to strengthen her writing skills.


You can learn more about our coaches here:

Book an Intake Call

To sign up for our consulting services we ask that you book an intake call with one of us first. This allows us to get to know each other, learn a bit more about each other and make sure this partnership looks like a good fit.

Please Note: Madelyn is studying abroad so is currently unavailable for coaching.

Educating, empowering, and encouraging

eager young writers.

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