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"Reading is like breathing in; writing is like breathing out." ~~~ Pam Allyn

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At Wordplay Wisdom, we've seen time and time again that the first step to becoming a strong writer is being an avid, curious, open-minded reader. Reading a wide variety of books will provide young writers with multiple paths to explore the many possibilities within writing, uncover their writing preferences, and hone their skills.

Below are benefits for each of the categories of books Wordplay Wisdom discusses most frequently.

  • Fiction: The magic of stepping into the shoes and emotions of another person is possible through fiction. The wide variety of genres and structures also allow readers to find the best homes for their own stories.
  • Nonfiction: Works of nonfiction not only help readers learn about any subject but also provide frameworks for explaining complicated issues clearly and concisely.
  • Poetry: From dazzling descriptions to achingly beautiful emotions, poetry is powerful. There's also nothing like poetry to help readers understand the power of the perfectly chosen word.
  • Reference Books: Want to know the components of a dinosaur tail for your fantasy tale? The details of a sailboat's rigging for your pirate yarn? A synonym for the word "synonym"? Reference books provide the specific details that can make your story shine.
  • Writing and Editing Craft Books: Craft books help readers understand the what, why, and how of strong writing and editing. Many also provide specific writing examples that allow readers to analyze the framework behind the works they love.

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Our Favorite Books on Writing

Our Favorite Books on Editing

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